How to Purchase Park Tickets (Online)


Park tickets can be purchased through the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website or Tokyo Disney Resort App.

  • Ticket booths are currently closed.
  • Up to five Park tickets may be purchased online at a time.
  • Requests for cancellations and refunds due to guests’ personal reasons will not be accepted for purchased Park tickets.

Tokyo Disney Resort App (the official App)

To use the various services offered after entering the Park, we recommend that you display your Park ticket using the Tokyo Disney Resort App.

  • To make bookings and purchases for Park tickets, hotels, etc., you must have a registered Disney Account.
  • If you do not have a Disney Account, please register from here (user registration on the online bookings/purchases page).

Ticket sales period

Fixed-date tickets for up to two month ahead can be purchased.

Difference between Fixed-Date Tickets and Open Tickets

Park Tickets with Specified Date (Fixed-Date Tickets)

You can specify the Park and the date of Park admission when you purchase this type of ticket.
A fixed-date ticket guarantees admission to the Park even when admission is being restricted.
If you cannot visit the Park on the specified date, you can change the ticket to another date as long as the ticket is still within the period of validity.

Park Tickets without a Specified Date (Open Tickets)

  • Open tickets are currently not available for purchase.

You can visit the Park on any day within the period of validity, without specifying the date of visit at the time of purchase.

Other ways to make ticket purchases

  • Guests staying at a Disney hotel may purchase Park tickets at their hotel. See here for more information.
    Guests staying at other hotels affiliated with Tokyo Disney Resort will need to make a booking for an accommodation plan that includes the eligibility to purchase Park tickets. For information, please contact the hotel directly.
  • Tickets can also be purchased at some travel agencies, convenience stores and Disney stores. For details, please contact these locations directly.
  • Ticket sales may be suspended depending on Park operating conditions, etc.