Pan Galactic Pizza Port

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Enjoy the best pizza in the galaxy!

Enjoy the best pizza in the galaxy!

Pan Galactic Pizza Port is the franchise's first branch in the solar system. The manager, Tony Solaroni, is operating the pizza-making PZ-5000 machine while taking lots of out-of-this-world orders.
Watch the fully automated pizza-making system while enjoying a delicious slice.


Area Tomorrowland
Service style Counter service. Place your order, then pick up your order at the counter. For sugar sachets, milk, gum syrup, ketchup, etc., please contact a Cast Member at the counter.
Dining Capacity About 630 seats


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  • 営業時間はパークの運営時間によって異なります。
  • 天候、季節、時間帯によりクローズすることがあります。
  • Restaurant hours may differ from Park operating hours.
  • May close depending on the weather, season or time period.
  • 營業時間將依園區營運時間而有所不同。
  • 本設施有可能依天候、季節、時段而暫停營業。
  • 营业时间将根据园区运营时间有所调整。
  • 由于天气、季节或时段原因,本设施可能会暂停营业。
  • 레스토랑 영업시간은 파크 운영시간에 따라 다릅니다.
  • 날씨, 계절, 시간대에 따라 영업을 종료하는 경우가 있습니다.